Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of the CANMUN organization acts as the primary governing body overseeing the activities and initiatives of this student-led nonprofit. While the Secretariat, comprising students, manages the day-to-day operations and execution of the conference, the Board ensures that everything aligns with legal requirements, strategic objectives, and the long-term vision of the organization. Its fundamental aim is to foster the success of CANMUN and uphold its mission of providing educational opportunities for young individuals interested in public speaking, diplomacy, and politics, both within Canada and internationally.

The Board consists of a diverse group of individuals, including trained professionals in fields such as first aid, adult volunteers, former Secretariat members, and experienced professionals well-versed in nonprofit governance. Their collective expertise and dedication contribute to CANMUN's continued growth and impact. Moreover, board members are actively involved in CANMUN events, offering support during emergencies and ensuring smooth operations throughout.

For communication with the Board, kindly direct your inquiries via email at