Committee Description

COPUOS was established in 1959 as a United Nations specialised committee to examine various elements of outer space exploration and its applications for peaceful purposes. The fundamental goals of the committee are to ensure the peaceful use of outer space, to create international collaboration in space exploration, to promote space technology for sustainable development, and to improve the safety and security of space activities. Recently, the rapid technological breakthroughs and expanding goals for outer space exploration have produced an urgent need for enhanced international collaboration. The emergence of new spacefaring nations, the proliferation of private space companies, and the development of cutting-edge technologies have broadened the horizons of human space activities, necessitating a collaborative effort to address the associated challenges and the legal and ethical implications of resource extraction beyond Earth. Delegates will have the opportunity to influence the future of space administration, promote responsible and sustainable practices, and harness the great potential that space has for the betterment of humanity in this Model UN committee.

Topic A - Space Debris

A major part of this committee includes addressing the urgent need to solve the growing problem of space debris, which endangers existing and future space missions. Potential collisions jeopardize functioning satellites, essential infrastructure, and space missions as the number of satellites and junk grows exponentially. When it comes to identifying effective methods to lessen this threat, delegates should explore new and emerging ideas such as space traffic management and active debris clearance to ensure that outer space exploration stays safe, and that those who are responsible are held accountable.

Topic B - Space Exploration

The Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (COPUOS) Model United Nations will address the critical problem of universal access to space and the equitable use of natural resources in space. The committee recognizes the growing interest in the exploitation of outer space resources, as well as the newfound global enthusiasm in space exploration aided by modern technology and its potential to benefit mankind as a whole. Delegates should explore how major countries may establish frameworks for cooperative missions and data exchange when participating in space exploration, as well as how legal boundaries might be established to ensure equal access to resources beyond Earth.

COPUOS Country Matrix

The Dais

Meilun Yu

Meilun Yu is a grade 12 student in Markville Secondary School who discovered the wonderful world of Model UN through founding her school’s first MUN club in grade 9. Since then, she is currently co-hosting a school board wide Model UN conference which aims at lowering the cost barrier for students interested in competing. Moreover, outside of academics, Meilun is also the Student Trustee of the York Region District School Board, the co-founder of a non profit which supports young, multicultural artists called The New Gen, and explores her interest in business through being a member of FBLA Canada’s National Advisory Council. In her free time, she enjoys being a junior kickboxing coach and singing in her rock band Mayday.

Meilun Yu


John Zhang

John Zhang is a student in grade 10 at AY Jackson Secondary School. He is an individual who enjoys history and uses his analytical skills to develop compelling solutions to modern problems. In his free time, he enjoys learning about historical events and pre-modern history, as well as keeping updated on recent news. He enjoys reading and playing music, regularly pursues debate and has almost 2 years of MUN experience. In his time at MUN, he has learned extensive crisis and regular conference rules and procedures, and his interest in debate and effective speaking ensures he is well-versed in presentation. His creativity has led to his team's 3rd place award in the 2021 national First Lego League competition, and he is committed to making CANMUN 2024 an engaging experience and unique learning experience for everyone.

John Zhang


Claire Jie

Claire Jie is currently a high school student studying at St. Roberts Catholic High school. She has been doing Model UN since middle school and is a lover of all different types of committees. When she started high school, she joined the debate team and has been participating in the community ever since. She currently is excited to compete more in Model Un and dedicate her time to facilitate high quality debate at conferences. Outside the endless excitement in Mun, she spends most of her time singing, volunteering and going to school clubs with her friends. Claire also likes to play piano, read, and watch shows. Some of her favourite shows to watch in her free time include Suits, Brooklyn 9-9 and more. Claire looks forward to all the debate at CANMUN this year!

Claire Jie

Assistant Director