États Généraux

Committee Description

The year is 1789, and trouble is brewing in France's Ancien Régime. Financial crisis, famine, and an out-of-touch monarch are fueling a dangerous situation. In an urgent attempt to quell the brewing storm, King Louis XVI has summoned the États Généraux—an assembly of French subjects that first convened nearly five centuries before 1789. As delegates representing the three Estates, you must discuss and debate your solutions, which must then receive the royal seal of approval to pass into legislature.

Your role as delegates involves weighing the clashing philosophies of the Enlightenment and the Middle Ages, including topics such as feudalism, taxation, and enfranchisement. By delving into the workings of this centuries-old committee, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of the present-day problems that plague our world.

Topic A - Taxation, Debt, and Fiscal Policy

The French financial system is in its darkest hour. War, foreign interventions, and the lavish lifestyles of the monarchy have resulted in an overwhelming pile of debt and a completely depleted treasury. The current fiscal policy unfairly places this burden on the poor, who are already struggling to make ends meet. Under Topic I, delegates of the États Généraux will devise a new course of action that will seek to reform the tax structure, lighten the load on the Third Estate, and replenish the treasury. In this highly-volatile political landscape, delegates must work together to form creative solutions to France's fiscal nightmare.

Topic B - Voting and Political Reform

The Age of Enlightenment, an intellectual movement that spawned notions of equality and universal rights, paves the way for Topic II to be discussed. Under Topic II, you must consider changes to the centuries-old French monarchy, including the enfranchisement of the Third Estate and a more equal distribution of power. Delegates must strive to balance perspectives from all estates while being mindful that the King ultimately holds the final decision on any proposed legislature: Any ideas that are considered too radical will not be approved. Delegates must address the unsustainable inequality that plagues the Ancien Regime without tipping it into anarchy.

États Généraux Country Matrix

The Dais

Alexander Zhang

Alexander Zhang is a grade 9 student at Marc Garneau Collegiate Institute. He is extremely passionate about Model UN, has attended all types of conferences, and is actively involved in his school club. Alex enjoys every part of Model UN, from debating solutions to climate change, to meeting and chatting with new people! He also loves business, having attended last year’s DECA ICDC. Music is a big part of Alex’s life, and he can be seen walking around Toronto and vibing to Hamilton, Lana Del Rey, and Kendrick Lamar. He has also enjoyed singing and playing the violin for many years and has been in all sorts of ensembles, including an acapella club, so feel free to walk up and start harmonizing with him!

Alexander Zhang


Skylar Gao

Hello delegates! Meet Skylar, a grade nine student at Bayview Secondary School. After being pulled into a Model UN class by one of her friends, she fell in love with the activity and has been going to conferences ever since. Fictional crises are her favorite, but she's caught at multiple Ad Hoc's to avoid all the prep work. In her free time, she would be caught at the Mcdonald's near her school, which is THE hangout spot for her and her friends. She also enjoys swimming, going to the beach, and summer picnics (summer is the best month). As an avid Munner, she can't wait to meet new people who share the same interest in debate, politics, and diplomacy.

Skylar Gao


Dima Alzidan

Dima Alzidan is passionate MUN leader in her school community at Francis Libermann Catholic High school. She is now in grade 11 and has been a part of Model UN for 3 years now and greatly enjoys it. Last year, Dima attended her first conference, the Southern Ontario MUN, and has been to 7 since gaining great conferencing skills. Dima’s interest revolve a lot about politics and MUN as she is an active participant in her school club and is currently president. She is also very involved in sports such as ultimate frisbee since grade 8 along with swimming. Outside of school, Dima enjoys hanging out with her friends and going to the gym. She is an extremely active person!!

Dima Alzidan

Assistant Director