The Gulf War

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The Gulf War was a monumental conflict taking place from 1990 - 1991. As an answer to the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, a 39-country coalition with the United States as the vanguard began a two-step campaign against Iraq; Operation Desert Shield, and Operation Desert Storm. Consisting of amassing an immense military force and invasion, the Gulf War resulted in the liberation of Kuwait and a striking victory over Iraqi forces, demonstrating the power of coordinated task forces.

Though the Gulf War ended with a decisive victory for Western allies, this does not mean delegates may take their positions lightly. Unparalleled in complexity, the Gulf War is perhaps the largest alliance the world has seen since World War II, thus meaning anything can go wrong.

As delegates in the Gulf War committee, each and every one of you will find yourselves immersed in a dynamic world of conflict and collaboration. Delegates must understand the intricate logistics of Operation Desert Shield, carry the tactical knowledge to execute Operation Desert Storm, and discuss strategies for maintaining peaceful relations in the Middle East.

Topic A - Operation Desert Shield

The foundation of the Gulf War, Operation Desert Shield, was a critical phase of the war. As the first response to Iraq, the United States formed a multinational coalition with many notable countries, including those nearby to Iraq. Operation Desert Shield was intended to display a show of force, preventing Iraq from furthering its invasion into other countries, effectively freezing their position.

A highly complex operation, delegates must coordinate with each other to ensure the smooth replication of this. Without Operation Desert Shield, delegates will cease possessing any form of notable military power, meaning Iraq will no longer be kept in check. Should this happen, the entirety of the Gulf War will be changed for the worse.

The importance of this operation cannot be overstated.

Topic B - Operation Desert Storm

Following Desert Shield, Desert Storm refers to the joint-strike force that attacked Iraq, eventually leading to the liberation of Kuwait. Spearheaded by extensive aerial warfare, ground forces followed with an offensive that swiftly freed Kuwait from the Iraqi invaders. This operation held immense significance as it showcased the capabilities of modern military technology and the influence large-scale cooperation holds.

When economic sanctions proved to be successful, along came the beginning of the bloodshed. Delegates will have very little room for mistakes should they wish to effectively conduct this operation with minimal loss of life. At certain delegates' disposal will be the forces of their respective nations, and with the immense power comes immense responsibility.

Desert Storm reflected the collective resolve of the participating countries to protect and uphold moral principles. Peerless in its success, Desert Storm was the definition of cooperation and technique.

Topic C - Maintaining Peaceful Relations

A seemingly impossible endeavour, the importance of stability stems from promoting international socio-economic development; the dream of many world leaders. After the previous action of delegates, it is no secret that many nations in the Middle East will be anything but eager to develop relations with them.

A large contributing factor to the unease in the middle east is due to their lack of many luxuries that are present in other nations. Finances, communication, culture, and military dynamic with the West are all elements that drive the current situation in the Middle East.

Developing new, peaceful and honest relations with Middle Eastern countries will require a collective approach from delegates, one that is composed of empathy, understanding, and above all a different perspective.

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