The CANMUN Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page provides a centralized location where one will be able to find a list of all the most frequently asked questions along with their answers down below. Further inquiries that arise that were not previously covered in the FAQ can be submitted through the contact portal found on the Contacts page. It is important to note that the FAQ page will be constantly updating with new questions and answers to ensure that visitors have access to the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Model United Nations (MUN) is an educational simulation and academic activity in which participants simulate the activities of the United Nations and other international organizations. In a Model UN conference, participants take on the roles of diplomats from different countries, adopting the perspectives and policies of those countries on various topics that permeate the world we live in. In a conference, they will engage in discussions, negotiations, and debates in an attempt to find solutions to complex global issues. These conferences aim to enhance participants’ understanding of international relations, diplomacy, negotiation, public speaking, research, and most importantly, critical thinking skills.

Canada Model United Nations (CANMUN) is a National level Model UN conference hosted in the metropolitan city of Toronto.

Registration for CANMUN 2024 is done through the forms under the Register tab of our website. You can select the form of registration, independent or delegation, that most suits your need.

Anyone from grade 9 to grade 12

Of course! Canada Model United Nations is open to everyone whether in Ontario or Canada or from abroad, CANMUN wholeheartedly welcomes you to the city of Toronto.

There is no required level of experience to be eligible to attend CANMUN. We offer a variety of committees that can be suited for a variety of skill levels including beginner, intermediate and advanced delegates.

Your school does not need to attend CANMUN in order for you to be able to participate in the conference. If you desire to attend the conference without a delegation, you can also sign up as an independent delegate.

If you are part of a delegation, you are required to have a chaperone with you at the conference. If you are an independent delegate, even though it is not required to have an adult chaperone to attend CANMUN, we would still need a person of contact to reach in case of emergencies.

Yes! If you want to bring an adult chaperone to CANMUN, you can use the chaperone registration form under the registration tab.

Check in will start from 3:30 pm all the way up to 6:00 pm on Friday May 24th 2024.

CANMUN will offer the possibility to delegations to arrange themselves the rooming of their delegation, if you are an independent delegate, CANMUN will room you according to your preferred roommates, if there are none, the USG of Delegate Affairs will room you with other independent delegates of the same sex.

Of course, to be able to room with your friend, both of you must write each other's name in the appropriate box while filling the registration forms. You can choose to write all your 3 friend’s names or only 1 or 2. It is up to your discretion.

If the 2 delegations revoke their right to room their own delegates, CANMUN will room the delegates from those delegates randomly, but if both delegates from different delegations agree and the delegation doesn’t mind, CANMUN will try its best to room them together.

CANMUN 2024’s secretariat or staff positions are currently full, if a situation arises where we may need to hire more staff, we will have a recruitment ad on our social media, including our website, and we will send emails to those who have subscribed to the CANMUN newsletter.

The delegate’s attendance fee for the conference includes access to the conference, access to delegate social and access to endless fun over the course of 2 days.

Meals are not included in the registration fees, since CANMUN is hosted in downtown Toronto, we recommend delegates to explore the culinary scene of Toronto during lunch or dinner time. If you need suggestions for places to eat, feel free to ask any member of your dais or any secretariat member that you meet.

CANMUN will take place between May 24 and May 26 2024 at the Sheraton Centre in Downtown Toronto.

CANMUN’s registration fee depends on the stage of registration that you’ve registered yourself in. The various stages of registration can be found in the Registration tab of the CANMUN website.

The dress code will be western business attire, if you are unable to respect the dress code due to extenuating circumstances, please contact the USG of Delegate Affairs as soon as possible.

Conference rules can be found here.

Awards will be determined by your dais members. Award distribution will be determined by the accuracy of the delegate’s stance comparing that of its country/character. The content of the Position Paper, leadership skills, communication, negotiation, diplomacy and initiative. Other factors such as respect towards the other delegates attending the conference might also be taken into account at the discretion of the dais members.