Financial Aid

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Financial Aid Deadlines

Early November 30th, 2023
Regular February 29th, 2024
Late April 31st, 2024

About Financial Aid

CANMUN acknowledges the common financial challenges that can hinder delegates and delegations in their efforts to prepare for, travel to, and engage in Model UN conferences. To assist delegations in their CANMUN attendance, we will provide financial assistance to the entire delegation and also to independent delegates. This financial aid is intended to alleviate some of the registration costs for students.

Funds will be allocated progressively before the conference and prior to sending out invoices to delegations. For delegations without invoices, specific codes will be given out in the form of coupons to alleviate the costs. Same goes for independent delegates who request for financial aid. Our genuine aspiration is that by offering financial support in this manner, we can optimize the effectiveness of the funds and enable more delegates to participate in and enjoy our conference in May 2024.

For delegations, if the delegation has applied for financial aid, all delegates of that delegation are eligible for financial aid. Individual delegates of a delegation may also apply financial aid for themselves without the delegation applying for them however will only receive 1 coupon code.

For delegations requesting an invoice instead of the standard process, delegations indicating interest will not be invoiced until after their Financial Aid Application is reviewed. If your delegation has chosen to receive financial assistance, the funds will be deducted from your invoice. All applications are strictly confidential and will not be used for any purposes other than awarding financial aid.

If you have already registered for CANMUN but did not indicate interest in applying for financial aid, and now would like to apply, please fill out the application above.