CANMUN Schedule

Check In Policy

Please head over to the CANMUN Front Desk/Delegate Resource Center located in the main foyer prior to the start of any CANMUN events to check in.

For delegations:

Please join the line labeled delegations.

Please send the Faculty Advisor and the Head Delegate over to check in and pick up name tags and hotel room keys if overnight.

For independent delegates:

Please join the line labeled independent delegate and pick up your nametag and hotel room keys if staying overnight.

**Please refrain from crowding the check in desks and if you have any questions, there will be a staff member walking around in a reflective vest to answer any questions you may have.

Special requests

Unless Delegations and/or Independent delegates have requested for later/earlier check in a week in advance to the conference, the Secretariat will likely not have the information/materials you have requested.

Zoom Online Training Sessions (optional)

First time attending a conference? Feeling a little nervous and confused? Join us on our optional virtual training sessions!

From procedural learnings about GA/SA and Crisis to insider tips on how to become the best delegate, we will help you feel as prepared for the conference as possible!

Live Q & A will happen towards the end, activity will also be available for participation! Tune in wherever you are whether that be in the comfort of your own home or perhaps in the train/airplane on your way to our conference (if wifi permits!)

All information will be sent to the email that you registered with, so look out!

Open to all conference attendees as well as non-registered delegates who are interested in learning about Model UN!

Exhibition Hall

Located in the Civic Ballroom Foyer leading up to the Opening Ceremonies room.

Check out our Opportunities Exhibition Hall happening on May 25th to explore the various opportunities to get involved as Youth within Canada and beyond!

All participating organizations will be setting up a stand for students to ask questions to their representatives and learn more about what the organization does and what the organization offers!

Amazing opportunity to not only engage in organizations but also socialize with other delegates during the exhibition!

CANMUN X Young Politicians of Canada Panel: From Vision to Action

Join us on Saturday May 25th in Civic North Ballroom for an engaging panel discussion titled 'From Vision to Action: MUN and Young Politicians of Canada'. Explore the intersection of Model United Nations (MUN) simulations and the perspectives of Canada's dynamic young politicians as they discuss how to translate ideas into tangible initiatives. Discover how diplomatic simulations inform real-world policymaking, and gain insights into the proactive approaches taken by Canada's emerging political leaders to address global challenges.


Young Politicians of Canada Panel

Delegate Social

Ready to get your grooooove on after a long day of committee sessions? Join us for our optional yet highly recommended delegate social!

Work hard, party hard, glowsticks, funky lights and more! Do not miss this chance to dance away the stress and interact with different delegates! Feel free to change out of business attire then join us in the Simcoe/Duffrin room!

Loud noises and dancing not your thing? No worries! Right beside the party room will have a wind down room filled with card games, board games, and general tables for you to sit and have a nice talk/game with other delegates you are guaranteed to meet!

The Photo Booth is open until 10:15 PM.

Please make sure to bring your ID badge to enter the social.