Sarah Hu

Sarah Chongxi Hu (she/her) is a senior student attending Maple High School and is serving as the Secretary General for the first iteration of CANMUN. Walking up onto the stage and speaking before the podium in front of a large audience years back was a feat that she will always remember. It was that moment where she opened the door to the enthralling world of Model United Nations. Through Model UN, Sarah was provided opportunities that broadened her knowledge on international relations, and was introduced to what diplomacy entails. It is her greatest aspiration to kindle similar experiences within all delegates through the establishment of CANMUN. Outside of Model UN, Sarah can be found coaching debate, playing volleyball, or catching up on sleep due to the vigorous IB environment. Beyond all, Sarah welcomes all delegates, wishing everyone a memorable and rewarding conference experience.

Sarah Hu | Secretary General

Calvin Dong

Calvin Dong (he/him) is a first year CEGEP student at Marianopolis College, Calvin is exalted to serve as the Director General of CANMUN 2024. His first conference being SSUNS 2022. It was an amazing experience that marked his memory and allowed him to make lifelong friends. This newfound passion propelled him into the world of MUN conferences. Throughout Calvin’s MUN career, he has had the opportunity to attend conferences across Canada which further anchored his passion for diplomacy and debate. He is excited to share his love for MUN and he hopes that your experience at CANMUN 2024 is as everlasting as his. Apart from the fiery debates during committee sessions, Calvin can be found watching movies at midnight and spending sleepless nights exploring the host city of a MUN conference. Outside of MUN, Calvin is probably busy acting as a tour guide for his friends when they visit him in Montreal, watching kdramas/cdramas or simply taking a nice long walk downtown. Lastly, If anyone ever needs someone to explore the city of Toronto with, feel free to reachout!

Calvin Dong | Director General

Nuthanan Tharmarajah

Nuthanan Tharmarajah (he/him) is a senior student attending Maple High School and is serving as the Chief of Staff for the first iteration of CANMUN. As a young child, he was a passionate and extroverted individual, who loved public speaking and meeting others. When he first entered the Model UN experience, through a simple online conference, he fell in love at first sight. There were discussions about international policies & issues, creating innovative resolutions all while meeting new individuals, made it the perfect opportunity for him. He hopes that through CANMUN, all delegates will have the thrilling and enjoyable experience that he previously had, regardless of whether delegates are beginners or advanced. Beyond Model UN, Nuthanan spends his time coding, watching Netflix, hanging out with friends & finishing up IAs for the IB program. Nuthanan wishes and hopes to see you all at CANMUN! :)

Nuthanan Tharmarajah | Chief of Staff

Ji Lan Huang

Ji Lan Huang (he/him), a Marianopolis College first-year cegep student, gladly volunteered to take up the role of USG of logistics for the first iteration of CANMUN. Upon attending his first conference, he was immediately hooked. The friendly encounters contrasted by the heated and intense debates made the environment of every committee session more and more captivating for him, and to top it all off the priceless but long lasting memories made during his first experience were all in all worth the trip. Furthermore, ever since that first Model UN experience, he has dug deep into the realm of diplomacy and debate, and has developed a passion for the latter. Either way, Ji Lan likes to spend his leisure time exploring a variety of interests, such as mastering the art of cooking, getting lost in music, and binge-watching k-dramas.

Ji Lan Huang | USG of Logistics

Alan Zhang

Alan Shengxiang Zhang (he/him) is a junior student attending Maple High School and is serving as the USG of Delegate Affairs for the first iteration of CANMUN. When Alan first entered the world of Model UN, he was blown away by what it had to offer. As an avid debater with over two years’ experience himself, he found Model UN and debate to be very different, yet somewhat similar at the same time, and was intrigued by it. Before he knew it, Model UN became one of Alan’s major interests. He finds joy in meeting new people, learning about world politics, debating issues, and of course, the travel opportunities. Outside of Model UN, Alan spends his time working out, laughing at memes, working for his lifeguard certifications, hanging out with friends, and studying for all his IB courses. Alan is very excited for this year’s first CANMUN conference and hopes to make lasting memories!

Alan Zhang | USG Delegate Affairs

Kaitlyn Hu

Kaitlyn Chongyan Hu (she/her) is a sophomore student attending Maple High School and is serving as Deputy Delegate Affairs for the first iteration of CANMUN. Each and every delegate was introduced to Model UN differently. Kaitlyn found herself first appearing in the world of Model UN half-heartedly (asleep on camera) participating in a Harvard online conference in GMT time zone. Despite such a sleep depriving experience, her curiosity for Model UN only ever expanded and eventually, her commitment towards it as well. She would have never anticipated for herself to pursue this experience thus far, though she is abundantly grateful that she did. Outside of Model UN, Kaitlyn spends her time creating fun memories with peers, sketching, and listening to her Spotify playlists on loop.

Kaitlyn Hu | Deputy Delegate Affairs

Jennifer Yu

Jennifer Yu (she/her) is a senior student attending Maple High School and is serving as the USG of Technology for the first iteration of CANMUN. Focusing predominantly on STEM, she had never really considered participating in Model UN. However, upon attending her first conference, she was blown away by everyone’s eagerness to participate in discussions (and debates) and felt inspired to learn from them. She hopes that CANMUN can both: a) provide first-timers with the opportunity to discover a newfound passion, and b) welcome more-experienced delegates to the floor, all the while making the experience as fun and rewarding as possible. Outside of Model UN, Jennifer enjoys speedcubing, playing volleyball & badminton, and eating all the orange-flavored mentos she can find. Jennifer is ecstatic to be a part of the Secretariat and can’t wait to meet everyone at CANMUN!

Jennifer Yu | USG of Technology

Rachel Wang

Rachel Jingxian Wang (she/her) is a junior student attending Maple High School and is serving as the USG Marketing for the first iteration of CANMUN. Upon first joining the Model UN club at her local high school as a clueless freshman, she was not ready for the exhilarating journey and astonishing memories that would later flood her camera roll. Through the invaluable friendships, life experience, and eye-opening global issues that Model UN has brought upon her, Rachel is eternally grateful for the life-changing experiences. Aside from Model UN, Rachel often finds herself endlessly scrolling through TikTok, hanging out with friends, and spending too much money on bubble tea. Rachel hopes that the first iteration of CANMUN will serve as an exciting experience and everlasting memory to all delegates, and looks forward to meeting everyone!

Rachel Wang | USG of Marketing

Hammad Khalil

Hammad Khalil (he/him) is a senior student attending Maple High who makes videos.

Hammad Khalil | Media Director

Rishi Ahuja

Bio to come!

Rishi Ahuja | USG of Events

Raiya Kassam

Raiya Kassam (she/her) is a senior student attending Maple High School and is serving as the USG of Outreach for the first-ever iteration of CANMUN. As an introvert, entering the world of Model UN was a huge step outside of her comfort zone. She never would have imagined herself in any activity centered around public speaking. Discussing important issues around the world while meeting new people at many different conferences proved to be incredible experiences that she will never forget. Outside of Model UN, Raiya enjoys swimming, baking, reading and watching shows. She hopes that CANMUN is a memorable experience for all delegates!

Raiya Kassam | USG of Outreach

Shrey Talati

Shrey Talati (he/him), is a senior student attending Maple High School, and serving as a part of the team of public affairs for the first iteration of CANMUN. He wasn't used to public speaking as an introverted child, but the MUN club provided him with an opportunity to practice. His first Model UN experience provided him with a wonderful one-of-a-kind experience in which he learnt and gained so much knowledge on international relations and policies, as well as producing numerous creative solutions to global concerns. It provided him with a fantastic opportunity to learn and improve his public speaking skills while meeting and building memories with really unique people. He feels that delegates will have a wonderful and interesting experience through CANMUN, whether they are novices like him or advanced. Shrey spends his free time outside of Model UN hanging out with friends, watching shows, or finishing the work burden required by participating in the IB programme.

Shrey Talati | Director of Public Relations

Paran Mukunthan

Yaduparan Mukunthan (he/him), is a senior student currently attending Maple High School, serving as the USG of Resources for the first ever iteration of CANMUN. A year ago, he first stepped into his first United Nations conference and experienced a world like no other. Through Model UN, he gained many valuable experiences, as he met many amazing new people and grasped countless political and social issues internationally. He hopes that all delegates participating in this year’s CANMUN will share the amazing and unique experiences as he once did. Outside of Model UN, Paran spends his time binging novels, playing video games, enthusing over cars and watching TV shows.

Paran Mukunthan | USG of Resources

Committees Department

Ethan Nguyen

Ethan Nguyen (he/him) is a senior student attending Maple High School and is serving as the USG GA for the first iteration of CANMUN. With initially little understanding, the realm Model UN entailed a treacherous yet remarkably rewarding and gratifying journey for him. His prior self would be so proud of how far he has come and how much he has learned through his various experiences with conferences online and in person. With strict intentions of continually seeking to improve himself and others around him he leads with an open mind. Beyond his commitment to Model UN, Ethan is passionate about the sport of volleyball and basketball, meeting new people and working on coding projects. He looks forward to making CANMUN a lasting experience for all delegates!

Ethan Nguyen | USG GA

Oscar Lee

Oscar Lee (he/him), is a junior attending Maple High School, and representing the USG SA/ECOSOC for the first iteration of CANMUN. He first became involved with Model UN after being coerced (encouraged) by his acquaintances. Following his first crisis conference, he felt enlightened on the myriad of educational opportunities presented in each individual conference. Beyond their involvement with MUN, Oscar indulges in reading Japanese comics and films as well as playing games with friends.


Hans Pang

Hans Pang (he/him), a junior at Maple High School, is serving as the USG of Crisis for the first iteration of CANMUN. He became fascinated in MUN as a result of its emphasis on public speaking and the freedom it provides. Through his involvement in crisis committees, he has gained valuable experience that he hopes to share with all the delegates attending the first iteration of CANMUN. He hopes that the first ever CANMUN will provide delegates with the opportunity to build their skills, make new friends, and have a great time. When he is not involved in MUN, Hans enjoys playing video games, reading books, and studying math. He is excited to welcome all delegates to CANMUN 2023.

Hans Pang | USG Crisis

Equity Team

Sharan Mukunthan

Yadusharan Mukunthan (he/him), is a senior student attending Maple High School, and is serving as part of the equity team for the first ever iteration of CANMUN. When he attended his first Model UN conference, he was completely astounded by the world of Model UN. Whilst he lacked experience and confidence to perform well during his first Model UN conference, many people along his way led him to end up truly enjoying the conference. He hopes all delegates attending this year’s CANMUN meet new people both inside and outside the conference room and forge lifelong bonds. Outside of MUN, Yadusharan enjoys sim-racing and reading in his free time.

Sharan Mukunthan

Tommy Nguyen

Tommy Nguyen (he/him), is a senior student attending Maple High School, and serving as part of the equity team for the first iteration of CANMUN. Due to his introverted nature, the thought of participating in MUN was unimaginable. Although Model UN was strenuous, the friendships that were developed and the crisis committees' unpredictable character made it worthwhile. Aside from Model UN, Tommy can be found starting another Korean drama, listening to beabadoobee or trying to fix his horrible sleep schedule. All in all, he sends his best wishes to all delegates and hopes to see them all in CANMUN 2023 for an unforgettable conference!

Tommy Nguyen

Elaine Xia

Elaine Xia (she/her), is a senior student currently attending Maple High School, serving as a part of the equity team for the first ever iteration of CANMUN. Public speaking and conferences were intimidating. But last year, she decided to test her limits and try it out and found herself actually enjoying it. It improved her public speaking skills and confidence levels. Outside of MUN, she can be found slacking off or planning the greatest academic comeback (which should hopefully be occurring soon). She looks forward to CANMUN and meeting all the delegates and having a great time.

Elaine Xia

Logistics Team

Adithya Rajesh

Adithya Rajesh (he/him) is a senior student attending Maple High School and is serving as a member of the logistics team for the first iteration of CANMUN. When he is not lost in the jungle of the International Baccalaureate Program, Adithya finds himself spending his free time playing football (soccer), watching movies, TV shows, playing video games, and the piano. He had no idea what he was getting himself into when diving into the complicated world of Model UN. However, just in the past year, he learned very quickly and found himself not only enjoying but also being grateful to be a part of this exciting new journey of Model UN. He hopes that you all enjoy your CANMUN experience not only during the conference but also outside the conference room doors.

Adithya Rajesh

Media Team

Steven Kim

Bio to come!

Steven Kim